How to get here


  Daily routes from Agios Konstantinos and Volos to the two ports of Skopelos (center located in the Country and Language). The paths of dolphins and boats from St. Constantine are responding by coach to and from Athens.

Telephone agents on hydrofoils and ferries:

Athens 210 4187000, 3843220

Agios Konstantinos 22350 31614, 31989

Volos 24210 39787, 31051, 23400

Skopelos 24240 23060 Language 24240 33435, 33042


Skopelos has no airport but it is served than that of Skiathos. 

So you can reach flying to Skiathos and then by boat to get to Skopelos.

For more information:

SKIATHOS AIRPORT 24270 22376, 21885 

Eleftherios Venizelou AIRPORT  210 353000